Half Way Point

Kumusta po!

   Yesterday was my halfway point in the MTC! It was bittersweet because we lost half of our zone.  Our four Senior Sisters, Sister Afualo (Sister Joke-lang) Sister Iremia, Sister Sorensen and Sister Aniel, are all gone.  They are on their way to the Manila MTC. They will be in the Manila MTC for 5 days and then they will be gone to the field.  Because last Sunday was their Very last Sunday here in Provo, their assignments were given to us.  The new Zone leader is Elder Riding and Elder Engar (Elder Engar is an amazing Piano Player, we found that out last Sunday)  and the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) are Sisters Aldred, Sarao, and Mangisi (Sister Pagsisisi aka sister repentance).  That shocked all of us as we thought they would take at least one sister from each of the two companionships. Sister Stucki and I are the new Music Coordinators, so we get to choose the hymns for Sacrament and Relief Society and Priesthood meetings.  We coordinate who is going to do the special musical number for our intermediate hymn.  Us Newly minted senior sisters are going to sing Joseph Smiths first prayer in a different arrangement than what is in the hymn book.  It sounds really cool when we practice it.  Speaking of singing, on Tuesday for the Devotional Sister Aldred and Elder Stevens got to do a musical number for the prelude music.  Sister Aldred sang If you could hie to Koloob, and Elder Stevens accompanied her on the piano.  It was amazing.  I sang in the Choir again this week and this time we sang I Know that My Redeemer Lives, it was also in a different arrangement than the hymn book but it was Amazing.
   A funny thing happened at a meal, and nobody is going to let me live it down.  I had sat down by the Trio and was praying and I thought i heard something so I open my eyes and look at my tray and there is a bite taken out of my cookie.  I yelled really loud and ended up scaring all of the people sitting at the table (all people in my zone) and half the people waiting in line to get food.  I even scared myself a little.  After that we were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.  I thought it was Sister Aldred that took a bite out of my cookie but it was Sister Mangisi.  When i found out it was her we ended up laughing even more because she never gets blamed for anything she does at first.  She is just so innocent looking sometimes.  We all have been having a great time and there is tons of laughter in our zone.  It is going to be different with the Senior District gone but now we have a Junior District, we ended up getting 6 new sisters and somewhere around 30 new Elders.  I haven’t gotten to meet many of the Elders but the Sisters I met briefly before bed last night and they are all really sweet.  They are all going to be amazing missionaries.  They already look up to us like we have been here forever and we know what we are doing.  I remember being the same way when I first got here, looking up to the Senior Sisters thinking that they are amazing at the language and they know whats going on.  (Totally not true though, nobody knows whats going on especially not the Senior district) I can’t wait to get to know the New districts even better.  I got the Senior District to sign one of my Philippines Shirts, and when I leave I’m going to have My half of the zone sign it and the Junior zone sign it.   By the time I’m done with my mission it’s going to be covered in signatures.  I also got put on the Email list of all of the sisters and several of the elders.  It is going to be interesting hearing about their experiences.
On Sunday we got to watch a movie and we chose Joseph Smith.  I thought of Dad because in the beginning there is a whole scene where they are in a barrel making shop and they are working on making the slats of the barrels and putting the barrels together.  It just immediately reminded me of dad.  (So dad you should watch that movie. It’s a good one you would like it)  It rained yesterday, the first time it has rained since I’ve been here.  I didn’t realize how much I miss the trees and the sound of rain and wind in trees till I heard the rain.  My companion got a little irritated by me wanting to spend some time listening to the rain.  But shes from St. George where according to her it snows and or rains maybe once in the winter but other than that its just really hot.  (She says that ALL THE TIME) I guess she misses home a bit.  Other than that I’m doing really well.
I also had a breakthrough with the language!  I can kind of make sentences and say things without looking at notes and looking things up now.  I need to learn more vocabulary but I think I am progressing really well. (Granted my grammar is horrible but i can get my point across most of the time) By the end of this six weeks I will be even better at the language! I can’t wait to see how the Junior District progresses.
I also got a package this week. I had been expecting it but it was still a total surprise. Sister Stucki got 3 packages this week from her family and none of it was what she had asked for.  So that was an adventure.  This has been an interesting week. It feels like just yesterday was last Thursday and I know that in three weeks this will feel like a lifetime ago.
    Ingat po! Mahal kita!
    Sister Palmer
(Alot of pictures and not all of them good quality but they are ok. I am waiting for Sister Mangisi and the others to put pictures on the shared drive)

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