Note From Editor on Pics and More…

First I want to apologize for taking so long to get Sister Palmer’s emails up.  Summer time is such a hectic time for me and things should calm down in about 4 weeks or so.   Not liking this blog very much right now, since the beginning of creating this blog I’ve only had about 3 hours at sporadic rushed intervals to work on it.  It has major ISSUES!!!

HOW TO SEE PICS –     If you click the TITLE (only link that seems to work right) you will be taken to another page where you can see all pictures that are posted.   I am not sure why other links are not working or why the pictures are not showing up on main blog.

First chance I get, hopefully August I will either fix this situation or move blog to where I can control it…hate using free sites.  Probably going to have to move it anyway as she has already used 8.9 percent of her allowed data.

Hang In there!  Hope you’re enjoying her blog!!!


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