MTC Manila

Sister Palmer is now in route to check in at MTC Manila for 5 days. She will be there mainly to take care of Visa, current Visa is good only for 90 days. Her expected return date is January 2, 2019.  Her luggage met weight restrictions, yeah she had a half a pound to spare in each suitcase! She is SUPER excited yet SAD!  Sad to leave those she met at MTC, she loved all the people and said the environment was spectacular! She has learned all the Tagalog they expected her too and feels confident that she is ready to go to the Philippines but knows she will learn a lot more in the field. She got to go to the Provo Temple 3 times while she was there and has been told they will get to go to Manila Temple while she is there at MTC.  Unsure when her next PDay will be or even if she will be able to email but will update again as soon as we hear from her.  Most districts in Cavite Mission can email but there are a few that don’t have internet. 


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