Arrived at MTC

Kumusta po! 

I am going to keep this email a bit short as we only have 30 minutes to write, but I am safe and sound in the MTC. I realize that you are getting this at about 4am but it is the middle of the day here. I managed to sleep on the long flight to Hong Kong and I was only awake really as we flew over Japan.  It was a redeye night flight so the in flight videofeed of the outside of the plane was dark the entire time, so i took pictures of the moving map, I will send all my pictures in a later email. The Ride from the Manila airport to the MTC was interesting. It reminded me of dads driving, but on a bigger scale, It was lurching and really strange. It made half the people in the van sick. My companion is sicker than a dog, Her dry cough she had the last week has developed into a headache, sneezing, coughing, no voice, stomach pains, puking mess. I feel really bad for her. I hope she gets better soon, and i hope i don’t catch it. The Manila MTC is really cool, way smaller than Provo mtc, only 4 buildings i think, but brand new, They are actually painting the computer room we are supposed to be using. It is so crazy here, The environment is way different from Provo, i love it. Unfortunately i won’t be able to go to the Manila Temple while im here because they have about 40 missionaries that need to recieve their endowments so the spots usually reserved for other missionaries are being saved for them. I also learned that tomorrow i get to go on splits with missionaries in Manila and spend a while with them contacting. Im super excited, and super tired, We get to go to bed at 7pm tonight instead of 10 so im looking forward to that. So i will be going to bed a couple hours before you guys wake up. Its really weird because i missed August 10th, which i just realized was Thursday, my pday up to this point, so i literally missed a pday. Its Friday August 11th here, So my journal is a bit strange. I feel like none of this makes much sense but I guess im just tired. I should be able to stay awake another 3 hours if im doing something. Already the humidity is incredible, It doesn’t feel very hot but some of the people after they washed their hands are like, i washed them but now they won’t dry, because air drying isn’t a thing here. Its hilarious. The flights were really long, The first  flight felt longer than it really was, it was only about 1 hour and 45 ish minutes, The second flight was 14 hours exactly, and the last flight was an hour and a half. I am glad that i got the opportunity to call you guys before i left the states. And i remembered something i forgot to tell you. On Sunday we had our Provo Departure devotional, and after we had our regular sunday devotional. After that they had the entire mtc watch Character of Christ by Elder Bednar, which is weird because usually we get to pick what we watch, granted we had decided to watch it again before we left. so that was our sunday movie. After the movie we stayed in the room we were in, and all of a sudden every one stood up, and In walked Elder Bednar. He had a QnA with us and he talked about prayer and how its an ongoing process, that never truly ends, Our morning prayer should be a blueprint of our day and Meal prayers are checking in and making adjustments throughout the day, and then Night prayers are to return and report the day. He also said how doing things through the day is like an extention of the prayer, how you show faith by doing. It was really cool. Saying goodbye to all of our teachers was tough. but they got new districts as we left so that was awesome. They call districts differently here in Manila, In Provo i was district 16 A but here im Nephi district. Its really cool. I feel like ive rambled a bit and im falling asleep at the computer so i should probably say bye. I can’t really remember what has happened this week other than Bednar and travelling. but the travelling has taken up three days so thats crazy. Most of what we did right after last thursday was preparing to leave and saying goodbye to our zone and teachers, and teaching our last progressing investigators (PI). Tuesday we had a devotional from an area 70. That was awesome, I got a lot of good notes and thoughts from that devotional. Its weird to think im in the Philippines. I am now the farthest away from home that i have ever been. Which is saying something because ive been pretty far from home. Anyways, I love you all and I hope you had a good nights rest, I can’t wait to hear back from you!

Ingat po!

Sister Palmer

ps, and here i said this was going to be a short email HA! Anyways, Mahal Kita! (I love you!)


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